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CPQ + AIA® Collaboration

AIA® stands for Augmented Intelligence Assistants, which, as artificial intelligence, do not make their own decisions in processes, but rather increase transparency in processes and significantly facilitate user workflow management in conjunction with an optimal configuration.

AIA® Collaboration connects different levels of knowledge, reconciliation results and the needs of many different stakeholders in one tool, so that everyone involved in the quotation process is fully informed and up to date. Whether sales team, technical review, legal department or end customer – all areas are connected and benefit from digital and interactive communication through individual workflows.

Extend the main Sales CPQ module with clever assistants, which enable configuring the perfect customer solution and smooth internal reconciliations.

Highlights AIA® Collaboration

Workflow manager for all stakeholders

Breaking down knowledge

Transparent digital workflow management with all stakeholders

Time savings and

Reduce the time spent on follow-ups, obtaining customer feedback and queries

Interaction with your end

Interactive quote generation together with the customer – collaborative and fast

The most important functions at a glance

Document workflows efficiently

Collaborative and networked

Discover the interactive quote configuration

The great advantage of using AIA® Collaboration is the high transparency and consistency of information flows: All stakeholders involved have access to relevant documents such as quotations. The assignment of users to different rights groups ensures clear processes and responsibilities. The various departments work interactively with potential customers on the digital quote. This quote view for customers is clear, intuitively understandable and appealing.

Transparent workflow management

Clear and efficient processes

Small but important details in communication processes are quickly lost. This makes it all the more sensible to comment on them visibly for all those involved in the process and to document all workflows digitally. AIA® Collaboration makes this possible, as does the digital management of workflows for approvals, discounts and feasibility. The higher-level quotation status and the status of individual tasks can be viewed directly at any time. Various rights groups, notifications and visual elements can be used to simplify workflows. The free predefinition of workflows allows a more efficient implementation of your projects. The process of quote configuration becomes easier.

Keep everything in view with the Inbox

Current status? Next step? Everything documented!

In the inbox, your current quotes are clearly listed at a glance. For each quote, current agents and statuses can be viewed directly. For maximum transparency, all stakeholders involved have access to the dashboard. You can connect the dashboard directly to Customer CPQ and your corporate CRM.

Use Case

ETO – Engineer to Order

With AIA® Collaboration, sales and engineering jointly define workflows specifically for ETO processes. This opens up the possibility of configuring an individual solution together with the customer entirely according to their ideas and adapting the necessary workflows to it. Before the configuration is sent out to the customer for approval, the engineering department checks it for feasibility or reports any necessary adjustments to the sales department. If the configuration is technically feasible, the quote is sent to the customer, who can then place the order.

The entire process is automated and efficient, and the technical feasibility is checked automatically. This saves time-consuming adjustments and leads to smooth quotation processes and satisfied customers.

Use Case

On the safe side

With AIA® Collaboration, error-free and legally compliant contracts can be generated. Current legal bases and regulations are defined within the framework of the technical rules and regulations. This ensures that no errors creep in during configuration, as these are simply not configurable. To ensure that they are always up to date, legal bases and regulations can be easily adapted at any time and tested in real time.

The automatic logic check helps uncover invalid and incorrect contract dependencies and combinations. Manage all your contract knowledge including complex legal dependencies in one place – openly accessible for predefined rights groups and EU-GDPR compliant.

Increasing efficiency in sales

Insights into AIA® Collaboration

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Why should I use AIA® Collaboration?

Sales teams often face organizational challenges that take away from their time for individual customer care. Outstanding coordination within the team or a lack of customer feedback can result in the quotation preparation process taking an excessively long time. In addition, responsibilities within the team are often not clarified. AIA® Collaboration helps you to connect teams, reduce the time spent on reconciliation in processes and make your workflows more efficient. Our mission statement customer centricity is at the heart of AIA®  work interactively with your customers and put the customer at the center of everything you do. This visibly increases clarity, efficiency and transparency in processes.

Which CPQ assistant should I use, and when?

If your workflows are characterized by regular reconciliation and approvals as well as multiple feedback loops in the quotation creation process, you will increase the efficiency of your sales department, especially using AIA® Collaboration. A customer survey showed that most companies have more than four people involved in a quote and that there are two to ten revisions in the creation of a quote. AIA® Optimization, on the other hand, is particularly suitable for companies that have a comprehensive variant space, whose focus is on customer centricity and perfect quotation preparation. It is also used successfully in connection with complex requirements such as laws, guidelines and regulations.

Combine both AIA®s and go 100% Customer Centricity. 

What does AIA® stand for?

AIA® stands for Augmented Intelligence Assistants, which, as artificial intelligence, are capable of autonomous decision making in processes, but rather enrich the knowledge of the user and contribute to an optimization of the quotation process with comprehensible suggestions.

Is AIA® Collaboration a stand-alone software solution?

The AIA® Collaboration assistant is not a stand-alone program, but an extension of the Sales CPQ module. With the license for AIA® Collaboration, you can unlock additional functions in Sales CPQ.

Are the CPQ assistants and Merlin CPQ cloud-enabled?

Merlin CPQ and all associated modules such as the CPQ assistants can be used as a cloud solution. In addition to maximum flexibility in terms of pricing models and individualization of your CPQ + AIA® solution, your data is protected in accordance with the guidelines of the EU-GDPR. The subscription model guarantees you individual software tailoring and transparent costs. So you can start your CPQ cloud project worry-free and without financial hurdles.

Is Merlin CPQ including AIA® Collaboration data secure and EU-GDPR compliant?

Merlin CPQ is EU-GDPR compliant and a trustworthy CPQ + AIA® software – as the "Software hosted in Germany" and "Data protection tested" seals of approval demonstrate.  In addition, Merlin CPQ is certified with the seal, which attests to our software solution's thriftiness in collecting data and comprehensible data protection settings, among other things.

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