Digital lead generation

with Customer CPQ

Customer CPQ extends the digital customer journey to include an important point of sale. Before the first personal contact with a sales expert, your end customer can configure and visualize the individual product they desire online. For your customer, this removes the major hurdle of having to make personal contact with the sales department at an early stage.

On the sales side, on the other hand, the initial customer requirements do not have to be queried, because your end customer first deals with the product variety online and thinks about the requirements. When the customer is ready, he can send his request including configuration and ensures that you are well informed about the requirements.

Using Customer CPQ, your end customer can form their own initial experiences with guided selling, before they make their first contact with the sales team. And, thanks to the intuitive user guidance, they can experience their first touchpoint in the form of a fantastic customer experience, which connects seamlessly to a consistent sales process.

Customer CPQ highlights

As close as possible to the end customer

Emotional point of sale

The end customer finds a suitable product directly through the impressive online user interface

Pre-qualify your leads

Qualified first contacts thanks to intuitive user guidance through your product landscape

Consistency throughout all phases

Systematic recording of all data and requirements from first contact to placing an order

Functions at a glance

Win leads successfully

Emotional product presentations in your corporate design Lead your end customers intuitively through your product landscape. Make your products tangible and help your customers understand how you will meet their requirements through your solutions. chevron_right
Efficient pre-qualifying of
your leads
When using Customer CPQ you can filter leads. Your end customer recognizes online directly, whether your solutions and their requirements will be a good fit. Increase the efficiency of the sales team. chevron_right
Practical shop integration
for your customers
Integrate Customer CPQ into your online shop and offer your customers a central platform with all the functions. The consistency and customer experience of your sales process will increase significantly. chevron_right
Guided Selling or
product finder
You decide how you wish to design your Customer CPQ solution: Do you want to use guided selling to guide your customer through your product landscape? Or do you want them to be presented with a suitable product through the product finder and filter options? chevron_right
Automatic transmission
of requests
Enable your customers to contact you directly from the configuration – desired configuration included. This low-threshold contact option removes a hurdle for your customers and the sales journey is consistent and efficient. chevron_right
and wow effect
Present your product landscape in a tangible and appealing way, with countless options such as 3D-visualizations and 3D-models. Depending on the selected variants, dynamically created images ensure the wow effect. chevron_right

Use Case

Pre-qualification of your leads

Your sales team can make the request process significantly more efficient, thanks to the pre-qualifying through Customer CPQ. Potential leads will find the jump to the B2B online configurator on your website and can click through your solutions landscape with different the variants and options at their leisure. Step-by-step, potential customers configure their desired product and directly record the extent to which their requirements can be implemented. The finished configured product can be saved or sent directly to your sales team with a qualified inquiry. In the next step, your sales department picks up the desired configuration. The sales staff add technical details and record special requests together with the potential customer.

Our customer MAN Truck and Bus is already creating and using Customer CPQ successfully for the configuration of truck models, colors, interiors, exteriors, optional extras and safety equipment.

Use Case

Emotional product presentation

The online configurator, Customer CPQ, allows you to give emotional presentations, this makes your product variety tangible for potential customers by using appealing imagery and descriptions.

Our customer Bavaria Yachts has already built a positive brand in the first phase of the customer journey. Combined with the brand's own corporate design and dynamically generated images, Bavaria inspires from the very start of the user experience and delivers an excellent example of an emotional and coherent brand landscape even before the first personal contact. 

Insights into Customer CPQ

FAQs and more

Does Customer CPQ support guided selling?

As with all the other elements of Merlin CPQ,  Customer CPQ is also based on the principle of guided selling. This is how Vivi, one of the intelligent assistants, can make active recommendations for the perfect configuration. The end customer is guided intuitively to their desired configuration.

How does Customer CPQ help with lead generation?

Before potential leads actively approach a company sales team with a concrete enquiry, they take the time to inform themselves about the company's products and services. This initial research usually takes place online. Customer CPQ already supports the end customer even at this early stage of the customer journey, it does this by meeting the customer digitally where they stand and addressing their needs and requirements. This additional touchpoint helps with qualified lead generation.

Can my product variants be mapped visually in detail?

With Customer CPQ you can help make your products an emotional experience by displaying dynamically created visualizations – even as 3D models. The visualizations are generated depending on the variant that the end customer has configured.

Can the end customer save their desired configuration and then send it to the sales team later?

It is easy for your end customer to save their desired configuration via Customer CPQ on the web, and then share and discuss them with colleagues and finally send them via e-mail to your sales team. If the customer prefers to be contacted directly, the suitable configuration can be sent to the sales team at the touch of a button.

As a sales expert, you receive the customer's configuration via e-mail and are well prepared for the first personal contact.

Can I use Customer CPQ without Sales CPQ?

Customer CPQ can be used as a standalone solution if you wish. However, synergies and benefits such as consistency in the sales process, collaborative work with customers, and their optimal support along the customer journey only arise from the interaction between Customer CPQ and Sales CPQ. Sales CPQ is the main module of the software solution that enables sales teams to develop leads digitally, quickly and intelligently. If Customer CPQ is used as a standalone tool, your end customer can configure and visualize their desired product and even send the request to your sales department automatically. However, without Sales CPQ, your sales force must continue to work with the configuration manually from here on and cannot open and edit it in Sales CPQ. 

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