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In order to meet complex customer requirements, efficiently manage multi-variant product and solution landscapes, and ensure smooth connections to various third-party systems, the CPQ solution has to be built on strong and reliable technology. The technical foundation of Merlin CPQ consists of the following elements: the Connector, Merlin Core, Modeler and the Developer. These four elements utilize clever algorithms to ensure the right configuration results, making CAS Merlin CPQ a flexible and powerful CPQ + AIA® software package.

Standardized CPQ interfaces

Consistent. Efficient. Transparent.

The connection to existing third-party systems and integration into the company's own system landscape are extremely important when it comes to CPQ solutions. If the necessary interface requirements are not met by the CPQ software, then a number of processes can be affected. This can result, for example, in the need to use several different systems that do not communicate with each other, leading to data chaos and manual corrections on a daily basis.

If CPQ software is integrated transparently and effectively into IT, end-to-end processes are created that make daily workflows easier and more efficient. Data no longer has to be recorded manually in the CPQ system, but is transferred directly and automatically via interfaces.


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Merlin Core and Modeler

State of the art algorithms

The basis of CAS Merlin CPQ is the powerful computational core Merlin Core and the element Modeler. Merlin Core covers all the technical basics and, above all, manages the huge set of rules in which all the dependencies, feature combinations and modeling data are stored. Modeler, on the other hand, is the intuitive modeling interface for entering product rules and dependencies. Our CPQ + AIA® software is based on Single Source of Truth technology: All data is managed in just one system and can be accessed by any stakeholder at any time.

Merlin Core uses the so-called SAT algorithm for fast rule set calculation. For you, this means in practice that adjustments to the configuration rules do not first have to be loaded into the product in a lengthy process, but can be used directly. Agile modeling with Modeler means that you can enter your entire product landscape and the associated rules and dependencies – without any programming knowledge at all. Often, the product management or the engineering department takes over the modeling of the rules. This means that the sales department does not need to have any expertise on which variants are technically feasible and which are not.

CPQ as a Service

Flexible and secure from the cloud

To make it as easy and flexible as possible for our customers to start working with CAS Merlin CPQ, we also offer CAS Merlin CPQ in the cloud. So regardless of whether you want just the Sales CPQ module or the complete package including Customer CPQ and AIA® for just two users or for 1,000 – you adapt CAS Merlin CPQ to your needs and book exactly the modules you need. We will be happy to take care of maintenance and hosting for you.

For us, protecting sensitive company data is a top priority. With CAS Merlin CPQ on the web, data is protected in accordance with the guidelines of the EU’s GDPR. That is why our CPQ + AIA® software has been awarded the "Made in Germany" and "Hosted in Germany" seals of approval. This means we rely on data centers located in Germany and hosting services in accordance with German law. In addition, the seal of approval certifies that we meet the criteria of digital sovereignty.

CAS Merlin CPQ's convenient and flexible cloud-based pricing model makes it easy to get started without a large financial outlay.


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