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5 signs your company needs a CPQ solution

1. Variant-rich product or service portfolio:The products and services you offer include various variants and customization options. In many cases, considering dependencies between different product components plays a central role when creating quotes.


2. Quote creation is time consuming: Your sales team complains about time consuming and complex processes when creating custom-fit quotes. The more variant-rich your products are, and the more customization options you offer, the more complex is the creation of your sales documents. Just try the customization functions in the Merlin demo.


3. Competitive industry environment: Irrespective of the demanding challenges to creating sales documents, prospects now expect a quick response to their requests. Strong competition increases the pressure on your sales team and requires quick and error-free quotes.


4. Using an old system: You are using an outdated system to manage product data and calculate prices in your company. In a tedious effort, data are entered manually which increases the error rate. The result is often a very large and complex Excel file.


5. Knowledge silos in the employees' minds: The extensive product knowledge and the configuration options rest with individual product experts. For your sales process, this means many appointments and correction loops between individual departments, such as sales, manufacture, or product management.

Did you identify with any of the signs? Test our CPQ solution based on Merlin CPQ and find the ideal support for your sales team.

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