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5 tips on how to strengthen your sales using digital tools

Especially now, during this unusual time of crisis, we are becoming more and more aware of the relevance of the digitalization issue. Even before the Covid-19 crisis, the issue gained focus for companies. Companies and consumers are becoming more open to new digital technologies and use them more frequently. Thus, investing in a partly digitized sales concept is the reasonable choice: online configurators, model tours, or digital fair concepts have caught more and more attention.

1. Be flexible and overcome inhibitions

We and many other employees are and have been working in home offices for a few weeks now. Our daily meetings cannot simply be cancelled as daily business and projects need to continue. And suddenly, we notice: it's actually working. Whether video conferencing, conference calls, brainstorming via online whiteboards, or virtual coffee corners - we see how useful and helpful the digital tools can be for our daily routines.

We are forced to break through our inhibitions and habits - which will strengthen our flexibility in the long run. Because, especially in sales, we can respond to different difficult situations using various tools and experiences. That's what makes us more efficient, including in relation to international customers. Even though we value personal contact, we are not forced to always depend on personal communication on site.


2. Use configurators for end customers

Customers do not search for a specific product from a product portfolio but a solution for their requirements and use cases.

Here, configurators for the end customer can support with the right level of emotion. How does it work? With the customer wishes in focus and using emotional product visualizations. The configurator for end customers precisely queries the customer's requirements and custom specifications and suggests matching products which can then be configured in further detail.

Extensive images, technical fact sheets, and appealing texts support and impress the customer. The customer can currently already digitally experience the solutions in detail. They discover the product experience even before the sales phase starts. Then, they transmit their pre-configuration to the sales team. Subsequently, the sales employee further customizes the configuration including the correct pricing during a personal exchange (via phone or video call).

The following examples illustrate what a configurator for end customers could look like:

Configurator for end customers at Daimler Truck AG


Configurator for end customers at Taconova Group AG


3. Count on digitalization in the long run

Companies that take care of their digital future now are ahead of their competition and ensure their long-term success. Especially in sales, it is thus important to utilize digitalization. Companies that, for example, only rely on field representatives now need to reorganize overnight due to the Corona pandemic.

If you then know and utilize good digital strategies and possibilities, you can sustainably strengthen your sales. This can also lead to an entirely new approach to working. Discovering new methods increases creativity and promotes exchange amongst colleagues - despite home office.

In this articel by Bitkom, you will receive further tips on daily business in the home office.

4. Create a sustainable future

A further important and good aspect of digitalization: it's environmentally friendly, and we spare our calendar. Now that we can test the practicability of digital meetings, we think twice about traveling four hours by train to make a three-hour meeting. We can save time that is better invested in other things. Additionally, we protect the environment: fewer flights, less Autobahn, fewer train rides.

5. Organize digital events

Digital meetings good and well, but what about all the events? Fairs, customer conferences, seminars, and so on, and so forth... We have tried it and we were surprised. Naturally, you cannot digitally mirror an event such as the Hanover Fair, but you can still host seminars on focus topics, info events, talks, or product demos. At the end of March, we hosted our first digital meetup on the topic of modeling with Merlin CPQ.

Thus, we have made the best out of the current situation, and we are thinking about hosting more digital events in the future. We integrated interactive atmosphere polls, feedback sessions, and the presentation of new features. We were even able to resolve smaller tasks in collaboration with our customers.

There's one thing to keep in mind:

Digitalization is supposed to best support us in our daily routines - as an assistant.

It's not supposed to replace personal interaction. We are looking forward to finally seeing our colleagues in person again. And, until then, we will use the digital coffee breaks and learn to reorganize.

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