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Efficient sales processes thanks to CRM and CPQ

CRM and quote configurator - How do they fit?

These tools, in combination, create a consistent sales process that increases efficiency and ensures ideal service conditions for customers and prospects across the entire Customer Journey. Thereby, you gain more time for qualified consulting services.

The interplay between Merlin CPQ and CAS genesisWorld creates a fluent sales process, custom-fit quotes, and emotional product and customer experiences.
Combine the benefits of both systems with ease as you can seamlessly integrate CAS genesisWorld into your CPQ processes. The systems can exchange data on current work progress via a default interface for consistent and automated processes. Access all detailed customer information via the 360° dossier in CAS genesisWorld and use the Merlin CPQ solution to configure error-free quotes and custom product solutions - all seamless and complying with the EU-GDPR.

From the big corporation to the family-owned business: Our solutions support companies in their efficient variant management every day.

You can find more information in our two fact sheets on this topic.

What are the benefits for your processes? The combination of Merlin CPQ and CAS genesisWorld enables you to create an efficient sales process from the first contact to quote generation for complex products to closure. chevron_right Download fact sheet
How do CRM and CPQ mesh? Merlin CPQ seamlessly integrates into your system landscape. Integrated with CAS genesisWorld via our default interface, it becomes the link between all of your systems.
Learn more about the entire process.
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