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GreenConfiguration – Sustainability in configuration

GreenConfiguration is the new approach by CAS Merlin to expand the CPQ process with an environmental perspective. By visualizing sustainability information of individual product variants, GreenConfiguration enables you to display the sustainability of your complex products. You can review and evaluate different product variants using select sustainability criteria.  

General information on GreenConfiguration

With GreenConfiguration, you can align the configuration of your complex products with your sustainability goals. Moreover, you can review the sustainability of your variants with just one click and can thus retrace the sustainability values of each configuration choice. 

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GreenConfiguration application fields

GreenConfiguration benefits different business units in your company: put your ecologically optimized solutions on display and utilize sustainable features in your sales process. Quickly achieve your company's sustainability goals with low effort. Gain a competitive edge by positioning yourself as a sustainable provider on the market.

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GreenConfiguration structure

The GreenConfiguration features are integrated into the Merlin CPQ solution. The technology comprises the elements of lifecycle data, sustainability data, sustainability components, and multi-criteria optimization. Learn more about how the individual components are linked.

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The green CPQ process

GreenConfiguration works like a CPQ process which is expanded with some sustainability elements. Thus, for example, different sustainability values are displayed in the configuration. Additionally, you can create a custom sustainability report. Learn more about how the entire green CPQ process works.

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