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Merry Christmas and a happy new Year

* MUDITA is the ability to appreciate and share in the joy, well-being and happiness of others.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thank you very much for your trust and the great cooperation – in 2021 we were able to gather new strength and grow together with you.

Now is the time to enjoy the WE spirit, pause for a moment and experience unique "Mudita moments". Because appreciating the happiness of others and rejoicing with them from the heart multiplies our own happiness and the joy within ourselves. This is the quintessence of Mudita.

"When you give joy to others, you’ll experience the multiplication of joy for yourself."

Sri Chinmoy
spiritual Indian teacher

The whole CAS team wishes you a very Merry Christmas and many hours of joy with your loved ones as well as a wonderful start to the New Year.