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New default importer for STEP AP242 files

Product news for your CPQ solution

Our standardized importer for STEP AP242 files is ready for use. What does that mean for you? If you use STEP AP242 files to store your product knowledge, you can now use our default importer to seamlessly adopt the data in Merlin CPQ. The imported product knowledge is structured and saved in our product configurator and can be updated via smart reimport. In case of reimport, previously not imported elements are transmitted and the existing knowledge is updated in your CPQ system. From this point on, you continue working with the new data as usual - that is, you can add additional product knowledge as well as link the imported knowledge with rules, and so on.


Excursion STEP AP242 files

STEP (STandard for the Exchange of Product model data) is a standard for the description of product data. STEP AP242 in particular is concerned with, for example, managed, model-based 3D constructions, but also with the data surrounding the modeling of variant-rich products.

VarLogic® method

What's also new is that Merlin CPQ now works in compliance with VarLogic®. What does that mean and how is this new feature connected to the importer?

The VarLogic® method has been developed by Dr.-Ing. Mathias Zagel based on their experiences during numerous consulting projects. It enables you to very easily define (product) knowledge regarding variant-rich products using matrices and results in an efficient and pragmatic variant management. You use either Excel templates or the SAP-based 4PEP application by ILC GmbH to structure the company-specific matrices. In both cases, the created product knowledge can be converted into a STEP AP242 file. Here's where the new importer comes into play: the file can then be easily adopted in Merlin CPQ.



At a glance: what are the benefits of the new functions for you?

  • Product knowledge in form of a STEP AP242 file can be directly adopted in Merlin CPQ.
  • The knowledge from matrices in compliance with the VarLogic® method can also be imported into our CPQ solution using the STEP AP242 file format.
  • If you establish the basis of the set of rules using matrices, you can complete the set of rules with commercial rules, predefined values, appealing dialogs, etc. in Merlin CPQ.
  • Your product knowledge is smartly updated if you reimport data.

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