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Merlin CPQ as an SAP LO-VC extension

To fully utilize the potential of your configurator, it is important to integrate existing knowledge databases via interfaces. In many cases, our customers deploy an SAP system as their source for product knowledge.

Integrating an existing SAP system entails various benefits. You only need to manage relevant data once and can prevent errors caused by asynchronous data input. Furthermore, using the interface, the product configurator ensures that each performed configuration is technically feasible. This saves valuable time and reduces your sales employees' workload. They now no longer need to retain the entire product knowledge including all sets of rules and dependencies in their memory, but can completely focus on their customer and the customer's custom requirements.


From memory - to software

While the Merlin CPQ default importer adopts data and sets of rules from the SAP system, your sales employees can work with an appealing configuration interface. In this sales view, all relevant data are prepared and structured and can be enriched if required using images and marketing texts.

Did you know: with a one-time configuration and a few clicks, you can customize both the configuration interface as well as your generated quote and contract documents to fit your Corporate Design. Thus, unstructured and ugly documents become a thing of the past.

You can learn more about the functionality of the SAP interface of Merlin CPQ in our fact sheet.


Increase your sales successes

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