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Overview of SAP integrations

Integrate your SAP systems with the CPQ solution Merlin CPQ and benefit from secure and automated data exchange. When SAP and CPQ are interlinked, the sales department, production, product management, and many more specialist departments benefit from the integration.

We offer the perfect solution for many different SAP use cases. Discover our four scenarios and configure your ideal SAP solution bundle.

Select the appropriate use case

Which SAP systems are you already using, and do you want to integrate them with Merlin CPQ?

Our SAP portfolio

Connect your sales and production

SAP ERP service portfolio

SAP ERP integration

Combination of technical and sales knowledge
  • Import of existing product structure
  • Import of material master data of your KMATs
  • Export of bills of materials for production
  • Live price inquiries during configuration

Merlin CPQ and SAP ERP communicate via standardized and individually customizable interfaces. The underlying principle is "Single source of truth". A central system connects the variety of data: Merlin CPQ. All specialist departments access one valid database.

Various data on your configurable material is exchanged between Merlin CPQ and SAP ERP using our interface options. The data can include technical knowledge of rules, product structures, material master data, prices, work schedules, or bills of materials. Which data is exported and imported to what extend can vary depending on the requirements and company. The scope can range from individual data records to the maximum bill of materials and beyond.

With our interface options and web services, we can communicate with SAP R/3 as well as the SAP C4C cloud version. The main benefit is gaining consistency between processes.

Add-on: SAP ERP and SAP LO-VC

Import and extend technical SAP knowledge
  • Data exchange via standard connector
  • Import of existing set of rules
  • Automatic retrieval of technical data
  • Addition of sales knowledge

Additional SAP modules, such as the SAP LO-VC variant configurator, act as an extension of SAP ERP. The technical set of rules is modeled for all existing product variants using the variant configurator. Thereby, you can manage all necessary configuration data in SAP LO-VC and then import them in Merlin CPQ. In our CPQ solution, users then configure custom-fit product solutions, enrich them using further configuration options, and create the corresponding quote documents.

Therefore, the technical rule knowledge, conditions for selection and preselection, procedures and constraints are sourced from SAP LO-VC while Merlin CPQ supports the sales knowledge aspect. The continuous data exchange between SAP ERP, SAP LO-VC, and Merlin CPQ is ensured. The data exchanged can include, for example, class structures, material metadata, description texts, or translations. Furthermore, you can perform lice price inquiries during the configuration and access pricing information of articles in SAP ERP. The prices are then directly displayed in Merlin CPQ.

Jungheinrich AG has successfully implemented exactly this use case with Merlin CPQ. Learn more about the project here.

Add-on: SAP ERP and 4PEP by ILC

With 4PEP by ILC, you connect and extend your knowledge in the CPQ system
  • Import your technical set of rules
  • Accumulate knowledge via partners such as ILC GmbH
  • Configure variant-rich products using CPQ
  • Consultation during all processes

ILC GmbH has developed the 4PEP Engineering Change Management solution for your product definition, variant, and structure management. In its cooperation with CAS Merlin, 4PEP is useful as an interface between existing SAP systems and Merlin CPQ. Your benefit: using 4PEP, companies can quickly and easily define product variants and structures. Additionally, the entire technical rule knowledge is managed and displayed in 4PEP. The software offers integrated and interdisciplinary support for product development processes. You use it to create new materials, define new sets of rules, and validate rules.

Then, the technical knowledge from 4PEP us combined with the sales knowledge from Merlin CPQ. Thereby, our CPQ solution is fully integrated into SAP and the entire product lifecycle. With this standardized integration, the entire process is covered: from the end customer to sales to production and vice versa.

Download your factsheet on the 4PEP Engineering Change Management solution here.

SAP CRM service portfolio


Integration of address data and product configuration
  • 360° view on target group
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Efficient lead management
  • Integration with C4C SAP cloud solution

When SAP CRM and Merlin CPQ communicate, new potential for efficient Customer Relationship Management arises. For example, at first customer contact, all necessary address data and relevant customer data is recorded and managed in SAP CRM. Quote documents, e-mails, and order data are stored there as well. The CPQ solution Merlin CPQ then comes into play and enables you to generate custom-fit and technically audited quotes.

Users can switch to the CPQ solution directly from SAP CRM and then configure a custom product solution based on the 360° customer view. The finished quote is then transferred to SAP CRM and is stored and used for further communication.

One integration

Benefits for many departments


  • Create bills of materials and master bills of materials
  • Generate work schedules according to variants
  • Orders for production created directly
  • Automated data queries, e. g. for inventory



  • Live price inquiries from SAP ERP during KMAT configuration
  • Precise information on delivery times and inventory
  • Consistent sales processes with error-free documents
  • Quick and correct processing of enquiries


Product management

  • Manage your portfolio and product lifecycles
  • Import the current product structure
  • Analyze variant sales
  • Current and up-to-date knowledge database anytime


Our SAP portfolio only illustrates a few possible integration use cases for SAP systems and Merlin CPQ. As any company is unique, the approach and interface options can vary widely. The portfolio only provides you with a first look at the many possibilities. Contact our sales team and learn more about your custom-fit solution.


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