Your connector between SAP-systems and CAS Merlin CPQ


ILC GmbH's solution ⁴PEP supports efficient variant management for configurable products and serves to provide holistic and interdisciplinary support for product development processes. In partnership with CAS Merlin, ⁴PEP acts as an interface between existing SAP systems and CAS Merlin CPQ, making it easy to combine and link the technical view from SAP with the sales view from CAS Merlin CPQ.

Your advantages with ILC & CAS Merlin CPQ

Maximize sales through technology integration

Standardized integration of technical sets of rules and sales know-how

Seamless integration in existing SAP systems

Import configuration files and material masters from SAP (⁴PEP) into the CPQ platform

End-to-end processes supported by technology

Integrated display of configuration processes from manufacturing to sales

Addon: ⁴PEP as the connection between your SAP and CAS Merlin CPQ

With ⁴PEP, companies quickly and easily define variants of a product and its structure. In addition, materials can be newly created and technical rule knowledge can be maintained and validated. This product data is automatically transferred to the SAP system. With ⁴PEP from ILC, you connect and expand your product knowledge in the CPQ system.

CAS Merlin CPQ builds upon this technical knowledge and supplements it with sales-related properties and rules. This ensures that technical restrictions are adhered to at all times during configuration in the CPQ system. This standardized integration covers the entire process from end customer to sales to production and vice versa.

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