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DRK Ortsverein Germersheim



Customer since

01 July 2019


The project at a glance


  • Creation of error-free and clear contracts for ambulance services
  • Simplify the previously complex process of preparing quotations
  • Show an alternative to confusing work regarding price lists
  • Save time for volunteers of the local German Red Cross (DRK) association in Germersheim
Benefits and Advantages

  • Time-saving and intuitive generation of contract documents - error-free in terms of content and language
  • Clear cost calculation including mapping in the generated contract
  • Receipt of a recommendation for assignment planning with the help of the „Maurer-Algorithm“
  • Upgrading of contract documents through automatic adaptation to the corporate design of the Germersheim German Red Cross local association

An Association Like a Fortress

The Germersheim local German Red Cross association currently has about 250 supporting members and 20 active members. Its main fields of activity are general social work, blood donor service, disaster control and disaster relief, medical services (wine festivals, sporting events, parades, concerts), first aid in emergencies and accidents, and training the population in first aid.

This wide range of operational missions requires reliable planning from the mostly volunteer task forces.

In particular, the precise planning of the emergency forces and the creation of correct and legally secure contracts increasingly proved to be a technical and organizational challenge. As one of the first German Red Cross local associations nationwide, the German Red Cross local association therefore decided to use the possibilities of digitalization in this area - with the help of Merlin CPQ.

In late 2020, the local association won the Ehrenamt 4.0 ideas competition as part of the "Digital Forum Rhineland-Palatinate" of the state government.

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