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Herbold Meckesheim GmbH

Already in its fourth generation, the family-owned company with around 170 employees specializes in machines and plants for the processing of waste from the plastics processing industry, for the processing of used, mixed and contaminated plastics, and for the fine grinding of plastic granulates and waste. The internationally sought-after recycling specialist for the plastics industry offers worldwide fast service for installation and maintenance. Merlin CPQ bundles expert knowledge as early as the plant planning stage and provides support in creating the optimum offer for customers in a time-saving and error-free manner.


Machinery/Plant engineering

Customer since

April 2013



The project at a glance


  • Product and quotation configurator for recycling plants
  • Automatic creation of offers and specifications
  • Interfaces to CRM and ERP systems
  • Use of CRM CAS genesisWorld and Merlin CPQ
  • Automatic creation of parts' lists in ERP
  • Mapping of a large number of complex rules
  • Output of parts' lists and quotations matching the selected product configuration

Benefits and Advantages

  • Faster and more specific quotation process
  • Product configuration and CRM from a single source
  • Production capacities can be used more efficiently through standard products
  • Expert knowledge bundling in a central software
  • Product management structuring
  • Closer to the customer

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