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Jungheinrich AG

Jungheinrich AG, headquartered in Hamburg, is the world's leading solution provider in all matters and areas of intralogistics. For more than 65 years, the focus has been on customers' questions and wishes. In order to fully depict the diversity of the product world in the future and to fully exploit the sales potential, the project started with Merlin CPQ. Jungheinrich AG's aim was to provide sales staff with a tool that would optimally support them in presenting the variety of products to the customer and at the same time create error-free quotations.


Industry/Producing companies

Customer since

December 2016



The project at a glance


  • Configurator for forklift vehicles
  • Combination of sales configuration and technical view
  • Import and transformation of existing technical SAP knowledge into Merlin CPQ
  • Integration with SAP ERP and SAP CRM
  • International rollout to all sales departments

Benefits and advantages

  • Flexible and automated sales processes
  • Time savings through automated creation of quotations and production orders
  • Improved quotation quality: technical buildability of the sales configuration is automatically ensured
  • Sales can concentrate on sales aspects during the sales process

From 2 to 1: Jungheinrich bundles product knowledge

Every manufacturing company is familiar with this challenge: If the spectrum of product variants increases, the complexity in the sales process also increases. Jungheinrich AG decided to introduce a CPQ solution to ensure that quotations are, nevertheless, created simply, quickly and without errors for customers. A look at the practical side of things shows how useful product knowledge is created from complex structures with the help of Merlin CPQ. Jungheinrich AG is one of the world's leading solution providers for intralogistics.

The foundation for today's success was laid by the company's founder Dr. Friedrich Jungheinrich back in 1953: it all began in Hamburg in a small workshop with 30 employees. Today, the company has around 18,000 employees in 40 countries.

Combining the best of two worlds

In order to fully depict the diversity of the product world in the future and to fully exploit the sales potential, the project started with Merlin CPQ. Jungheinrich AG's aim was to provide sales staff with a tool for optimum support in order to present the variety of products on offer to the customer and at the same time to create error-free quotations.

For this purpose, all technical rules were to be observed already in the first consultation in order to enable a comprehensible and, above all, error-free product configuration at any time.

CAS Merlin CPQ used worldwide

Deployed in various countries worldwide by Jungheinrich AG, CAS Merlin CPQ is used internationally. In future, the company plans to use the CPQ solution in more countries to build a comprehensive network.

For example, in Italy the solution is already an integral part of the quote process and helps to map the increasingly complex products. In fact, in Italy around 200 Jungheinrich AG users enjoy working with the software.

Efficient quote creation

With the help of CAS Merlin CPQ, extensive paper documentation on prices and product dependencies have been replaced. Today, all the necessary product information is saved digitally and centrally in CAS Merlin CPQ where it can be accessed anytime and from anywhere. Thus, employees with little product knowledge can create accurate quotes with ease. Additionally, Merlin CPQ supports a consistent sales process between the company’s headquarters and the subsidiaries abroad as well as making the control and approval procedures for quotes much simpler. CAS Merlin CPQ has been embedded in Jungheinrich AG’s global ERP landscape to ensure optimal data exchange.

After introducing CAS Merlin CPQ, the time required to create quotes for a number of vehicle types was reduced significantly from an average of half an hour to just one minute. Moreover, the software enjoys a high degree of acceptance with employees who love the intuitive user experience and the obvious timesaving advantages.

Read the entire user report and find out how Jungheinrich successfully managed to combine the sales and technical product worlds and which role price list items play in this.


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