DRK relies on digital planning of medical services

Fast and reliable planning

Whether it's a public festival, a carnival procession or a sporting event - in an emergency, it's the helpers and paramedics on site who play a decisive role in saving lives or competently assessing a hazardous situation. But how many personnel exactly are needed according to the legal regulations and what has to be considered?

This is a question that is asked above all by event organizers. With the help of digital support, the Germersheim German Red Cross can now provide quick advice.

The DRK Germersheim operations center regularly receives inquiries from event organizers from the city and surrounding area: "The chairman of the local music club calls just as much as the event team of a larger trade fair," explains Stefan Kapp, board member of the German Red Cross, Germersheim local chapter. They all want to know: What are the general conditions they have to keep in mind? Which rooms have to be kept ready for patients and paramedics, for example? And last but not least: What costs can be expected?

The individual case is always decisive

"This is a question that has to be answered differently from case to case," explains on-call supervisor Christopher Stangohr. The reason: a whole series of criteria is decisive when it comes to exactly how the concrete deployment on site will turn out. According to Stangohr, this includes, for example, the expected number of visitors, the event area, the potential danger, but also the number of VIPs with personal protection - for example, if high-ranking politicians or pop stars come to the event.

The configurator provides support at the click of a button

The German Red Cross was one of the first local associations in Germany to decide to take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitization in this area - with the help of the CAS Merlin CPQ configurator from CAS Software AG in Karlsruhe.

In our detailed user report, you can find out how the Germersheim DRK will master organizational challenges in the future with the help of CAS Merlin CPQ, what role the "bricklayer algorithm" plays in this process, and what the feedback from event organizers is about the DRK Germersheim's new tool.

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