CAS Merlin CPQ and CAS genesisWorld in action at Hako GmbH

Customer-centric and continous sales processes

In today's fast-paced business environment, companies must empower their sales teams to stay ahead of the competition. Hako GmbH, a manufacturer of street sweeping equipment and ultra-light commercial vehicles, recently implemented CAS genesisWorld CRM and the CAS Merlin CPQ solutions and experienced game-changing benefits.
With CAS genesisWorld, Hako effectively manages their customer data, tracks interactions, and analyzes behavior. The CAS Merlin CPQ software allows them to configure, price, and quote products accurately and efficiently. The integration of these two systems gives Hako's sales team real-time data and insights, enabling them to deliver personalized and relevant sales experiences to their customers.
The seamless integration of these solutions also makes Hako's employees more competent. With access to the same knowledge database, the sales process is more efficient, resulting in fewer errors and a significant reduction in claims. Transparent communication between stakeholders reduces the number of offer iterations and enables more precise quoting. Moreover, having a centralized knowledge database results in less maintenance effort in higher employee motivation and productivity.
Finally, the production team can now forecast more effectively, production facilities have access to the offers and can plan in advance how many machines will need to be produced in the next months, improving overall efficiency.

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